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This article  is to show you the entire range of services that SEBASTIAN RECUPERARI can offer in order to optimize the management of debt collecting and bankruptcy proceedings all over Romania and, generally, all legal activities in civil and commercial matters, with particular regard to the romanian market, really problematic especially in specific areas of the country.

We can offer a great variety of innovative strategies that will allow our clients to achieve greater success in collecting their unpaid debts, obtaining the best possible solution to their needs with the capability to customize our answer to each specific situation, aiming to avoid any waste of time and money.

The result is a highly skilled team of specialist lawyers and an increasing number of very satisfied clients.

The key to providing effective legal services is the ability to understand the clients needs, interpret them in a legal and commercial context and deliver cost-effective, timely and above all understandble solutions.

Our programs offer fast, efficient and flexible access to legal services in Romania.

Our staff attorneys handle litigation all over the country.

We have been successfully carrying out this activity for several years, working with many important national and international companies operating in a number of sectors (in addition to our usual clients as banks, companies,international law firms, international institutions etc.) so that now we can provide our customers with the following services with the conditions mentioned below:


We apply the minimum succes fees and retainers fixed by national extrajudicial forensic tariff in the case of positive result.


If we don’t manage to get a positive result at the first attempt, we will take legal proceedings by an unanimous decision.

The conditions that we offer you are particularly advantageous for the following reasons:

Direct Domiciliation – The fact of being directly represented in the area allows you to halve the management costs of the case and to be more promptly updated by receiving monthly reports.

Full Legal Assistance – Full Legal Assistance for the customers by means of a service of inquiry into the state of the company with the determination of protests, assets and properties, enforceable procedures charged to it and the state of the latter, in order to allow an accurate rating at the real competitive costs.

Debt purchasing – We use to assist actively clients interested in purchasing consumer or commercial debt portfolios in Romania and across Europe.

We have assisted many new buyers through the entire process of purchasing their first portfolio.

We have also become a trusted resource for other  largest collection agencies in the nation, when they need to purchase charged-off accounts receivable.

We are also pleased to inform you that you can find our public profile on Linkedin  and that our firm is listed in some among the most important Law Lists worldwide in this sector.

We are sure you will be extremely pleased with the effectiveness and convenience of the service that we offer.


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SEBASTIAN RECUPERARI este o agentie profesionala de recuperari creante, oricare ar fi natura acestora, care si-a propus o altfel de abordare a activitatii de colectare/recuperare a debitelor, in sensul utilizarii tuturor mijloacelor legale in vigoare care tind la incasarea creantelor, dublate de o verificare reala, in teren, a societatilor debitoare.


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